About Us

Welcome to Gay Tours India, a travel agency specializing in LGBT tourism that offers the best selection of travel and cruise markets designed exclusively for gays. Travel proposals designed by and for us, choosing Friendly destinations and hotels suited to our preferences. Gay travel, gay tourism, gay vacations.

Gay Tours India is an exclusive travel agency for gays thought for those of us who believe that as important as the chosen destination is to find a special, friendly and relaxed environment, where we are truly at ease among friends and people with our same tastes and with whom we can develop new friendships . We offer you a selection of destinations, environments and accommodations in which to enjoy the gay environment that we seek to find comfortable and comfortable.

From Gay Tours India we created a different and attractive way to travel for the gay tourist. Our purpose is to take you to the main gay destinations on the planet, those destinations that you have always dreamed of knowing in good company, designed from start to finish with the professionalism, guarantee and quality you deserve to find in your destinations, to be able to offer you the gay trip that always you have wanted to make, with different and attractive proposals in which you will find tourist options of all kinds: beaches where you can enjoy and relax with your fellow travelers; mountain programs, where to disconnect from the daily hustle; more cosmopolitan tourism, enjoying parties in big cities or even multi-adventure travel programs where you can have fun with new friends. Or simply,

Gay Tours India is geared towards gay or gay-friendly tourism, so that in all vacation packages there is absolute tolerance for our group. We are a dynamic company, open to suggestions, opinions and improve everything possible. A company born so that the lover of charming places, the lover of the sea, the lover of the mountain, who likes to discover, who likes to dream, have all the possible options at their disposal so that they opt for one and another vacation program, all of them geared towards the gay traveler, thought by and for us, with our preferences and tastes.

We trust in our professionalism and that the way to configure our trips for gays will not forget the experience you live during the chosen program, it will leave an unforgettable memory in your memory and we are sure that you will repeat with us. Discover everything we offer you from Gay Tours India! We want to be your Travel Agency specialized in gay travel. Discover unknown routes, amazing adventure circuits, group nature trips, gay cruises for singles or couples. Also, if you have celebrated your wedding, we offer you options for your honeymoon, where you can feel comfortable and happy, a trip as special as you. We will make your gay honeymoon trip unforgettable.

We are a travel agency geared towards the gay community in general, in which in addition to offering wonderful trips, we intend to create a space where our friends expand their circle of friends in a casual and natural way.